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Designed to reclaim and enhance the inherent beauty of your skin. India’s first & only Couture skin care, rooted in social  and environmental ethics. Essential Body™ does not believe in chemicals, preservatives or modern beauty stereotypes. We do, however, firmly believe in the art of natural plant science and deliver Potent yet Gentle, Effective yet Subtle, 100% pure, Founder-made formulations.

Couture Skin Care
Essential Body™ is formulated, hand blended and bottled by our Founders. As with all things special, time & great care is taken in the design, science & sourcing for each formulation. Essential Body™ packages all its products in pure leather (yes, it is sustainable), only uses highly specialized ‘Miron glass’ to house its products, & solely collaborates with India’s leading artists, artisans, designers and produce farmers that sustain ethical practices to ensure a definitive experience.